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Web development

With the help of our team, your idea becomes a reality. We are offering quality designed attractive internet presentations for the most diverse purposes, according to the latest standards.


PaprikArt offers a modern and original graphic design that best promotes your idea and business. We are developing your idea, through modern graphics and visual solutions for websites, social networks, and printing.


A high quality visual identity with the specific message you transmit remains an essential part of you and your brand. In accordance with the needs of our clients, we offer complete or partial (RE) branding.

Social Networks

A road to the digital world that is properly set and successfully guided can lead directly to the hearts and wallets of your future clients. We create the strategy of your digital performance, jointly enhancing the demand for your brand.


We create and implement advertising campaigns on every most important digital platform. That includes E-mail marketing, Google AdWords campaigns and conducting complete advertising on Facebook.


SEO is crucial for all companies that are on the Internet. We enable easier recognition of your websites` content by the browser, and with the help of advanced techniques, improve the positioning and ranking of your website.


We want to use our knowledge and experience to improve the user experience of your clients. This contributes to better defining goals and measuring the achievement of these defined goals, better decision-making and better business management.

Hosting and domain registration

In accordance with your needs, we offer lease of domains, hosting on our server, as well as creating and setting up e-mail addresses for business purposes.

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Your creative team

paprikart avatar vladan

Vladan Stojanović

Web Programer

Vladan is a programmer with many years of experience. After formal education at the Electronic Faculty in Nis and working for several successful IT firms, he became a part of the PaprikaArt family. He is probably the best footballer among matematicians!

paprikart avatar darko

Darko Dinić

Web Developper

Darko started career as a freelancer back in the year 2009. A pharmaceutical technician by education and a great enthusiast modern technology fan in soul. On spare time which he doesn’t have, he likes to read books.

paprikart avatar milos

Miloš Đorđević

Graphic Designer

A great passion for design with a great commitment to each project is something we are truly proud of. Thanks to him we know that "design sales product" is not just a common phrase. On his spare time he likes to redesign football club logos.

paprikart avatar jelena

Jelena Aleksić Đurović


Jelena is a part of the SEO and Social Media Marketing team. One of the main culprits for many our successful campaigns behind. She simultaneously works on presenting service packages to potential clients and communicating with the public. Belonging to 1% of world’s population that has not yet watched any of the Game of Thrones episodes.

paprikart avatar kocka

Miloš Kocić

Web Designer

It's no secret - while working on your website, his eyes will twinkle with the same glow as while he dances the tango. Miloš has a longtime wish to go to London Stadium and watch at least one West Ham game live. His favorite color is black and white.

paprikart avatar aleksa

Aleksandar Stanković

Web Designer

Likes swimming, basketball, football. And, he tried out for all these sports. In the end, he realized that surfing the Internet is what he is best at, so he decided to build a career as a web designer. Alex is working on a book "Why is the Alarm Clock The Worst Invention Ever."




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  1. Wordpress, Gutenberg

    Where Wordpress’s Gutenberg Went Wrong?

    01 Jun 2020

    With its presence in a quarter of all websites globally, one would expect that Wordpress always knows best...

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  2. TikTok

    Is Tiktok Becoming a Necessity for Brands?

    28 April 2020

    Let’s put it in simple terms… Imagine if Snapchat, Spotify, Vine, and Twitch all together had a baby. The baby’s name would be TikTok...

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  3. How to Make a Perfect E-shop or an Online Store

    26 March 2020

    We would like to point out a few crucial things to have in mind if by any chance you decide to dive in that adventure called e-commerce...

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basic package ico
  • Presentational - up to 5 pages
  • Image gallery
  • Contact form
  • trademark sign
  • Responsive design
  • Facebook integration
  • Hosting on our server
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standard package ikonica
  • Advanced - Up to 10 pages
  • Online Store
  • Basic SEO package
  • trademark sign
  • Image gallery
  • Contact form
  • Responsive design
  • Social networks integration
  • Hosting on our server
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  • Premium - Custom number of pages
  • Image & video gallery
  • Advanced SEO package
  • trademark sign
  • Online Store
  • Newsletter system implementation
  • Pop-up solutions
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