What is Internet domain and how to register it?

21 May 2019

Internet domains are a set of data within a single administrative-technical Internet unit, corresponding to the rules of the DNS system. What does this exactly mean?

Domain is your internet address, the name of your website. And as you may be living in a well-known street, named after a famous historic personality, you could also choose your website’s name - a name that everyone can easily remember and connect with your business.

businessman pointing linkIf you are building your own brand, it's necessary that both your brand name and your internet address be identical.

Behind every domain there is an IP address – this is the way computers are communicating with each other. Remember, hat one set of numbers and full stops? So not even close to the way people communicate. So, that's why we have domains – with the help from established protocols, they can easily find, let’s say, www.paprikart.rs.

You can get your or the domain for your company, through the domain registration process. As a user or registrant in that process, you lease the selected domain in your own or your company name with an authorized registry. This way, you are acquiring that unique right to use that Internet address for your website.

How to register?

The name of the internal t domain is, as we already said, the text tag that the user registers for his own needs.

This way, the user provides the visibility of his domain under that name on the Internet. When registering, the domain name is entered into the Central Registry. The Internet domain is active when the registration information is entered, including DNS servers data.

So, an Internet domain is a system in which Internet addresses relate to specific sites on the Internet, such as servers, websites, e-mails, etc. A domain is your own internet address you registered as part of a broader internet domain, either national or international. It determines your identity on the Internet.

National Internet Domains

Serbia has two equal national Internet domains: .RS and .SRB. The national Internet domain is a territorial affiliation and as such is extremely important for defining the Internet identity of all who live and work in Serbia.

Anyone can register a domain – you just have to contact an authorized registry that has a signed contract with RNIDS, which is the national registry responsible for managing a Central Internet domains database.

Extensions or domain extensions

internet domain checker background featuredDomain extensions can be different, and they are actually abbreviations that describe the character of a website - commercial, presentation, etc. The most common are international such as .com, .org, .net, and are used for:

  • .com - commercial sites
  • .net - a group or network of people
  • .org - various organizations, associations
  • .biz - companies and private companies
  • .info – can be used for various purposes

What is WHOIS service and what is it used for?

So now, you have begun intensely to think about your brand name, engaged the whole creative team, and started the marketing machinery, but - is the name of your future domain free?

With the help of the WHOIS service, you can check the availability of national internet domain names. This way you can find out whether some of the names in the domain are free or, if not already, who has already registered it.

This service, comes from the English "Who is", and represents a publicly available database of domain users registered under the Central Registry of National Internet Domain Names. RS and .SRB.

The data that RNIDS displays through the WHOIS service are: the name (business name), the address of the seat and the registration number of the legal entity or entrepreneur.

WHOIS service for national .RS and .SRB national internet domains exists in two forms:
  • Data on the registered domain name - rnids.rs/whois
    gives data on individual domain names in the form of a web page, in the form of a PDF file, or in original TXT format
  • Checking Domain Name Availability - domen.rs/whois
    gives results in all five domain formats at once, and if the requested domain name is correct and available, the user gets a link to the list of authorized registry of .RS and .SRB domains

This service facilitates the process of finding and selecting domain names. Since this is your new "internet home" with its unique address, you need to have all the information available to choose the right one.

And if you cannot or do not want to go through this research all by yourself, you can contact us, and we will help you register your domain.