Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - From Website Design to Getting First Results

17 august 2018

Opportunities for online promotion and advertising are enormous. The Internet is by default open for new and creative ideas: from the very type and techniques of website design to the creation of complete brands. With the development of the Internet, brands, individuals or businesses that are investing serious money have become increasingly important.

If you are running a startup or run a small/medium enterprise, there is not much money left for anything. But there must be enough money for the basics - the purchase of basic means of production and a small promotion budget. The ultimate goal, of course, is to win a market game and make a lot of money. It looks so simple.

Create a Website

create websiteIf you want an online presence (and you want), it is very important that you have a good and professionally created website. We can agree that there are different criteria regarding what a good site is and what it should contain. But a way to lose thousands of potential customers is the fact that you don`t own a website or is in such state you`d be better off without.

If you still managed to create a website, it is important to fill it with great and quality content. A lot of quality photos, a clear and informative text about your goals, mission, services, and products is what visitors would very appreciate.

Imagine how your favorite shop front would look like and what visitors should see after entering your shop. All neatly exposed, folded, in the colors you love most. That's what your website should look like. If they like it at first glance, people will come back frequently, visit more of your pages and buy or use your services.

When You Already Invested in Creating the Website, Why Not Optimize It?

Here we come to the next (natural) step - how will visitors find you, is there some catch? There is a great one - to be the first on Google search. Indeed, and when in real life (offline) or business you create or do something, you need someone to know. So he could be telling to somebody, or to tell everyone, through advertising, promotion, etc.

If someone could come across your website when searching on Google, that would be the best commercial for your business - unobtrusive (organic) but also the most effective. Is there a better service than Google recommending you? But the way to achieving that is neither easy nor simple. To achieve this, you need to optimize your site for search engines, embed appropriate keywords you’re your content, and get positive signals and links from other relevant sites. This, however, requires time and skills but brings profit, more visits and, of course, higher incomes in the long run. When you invest in creating and optimizing your website, you invest in something that will always be yours. It's not like investing in Facebook, Instagram or other social networks (which are free), that can kick you out of the platform without any explanation.

Create a Blog

create blogWe know that your website is a great solution to present your products and services. Creating a business blog as part of your site gives you the opportunity to carefully address all issues and concerns of your users with carefully designed (optimized) content. Here you can present all the topics that are related to your products or services and offer answers to questions about how they help or solve the problem of your customers.

On the other hand, Blog does not have to be corporate, but you can also create a personal blog. If you have been in business for a long time, you have a lot of experience, and your job has already become a part of life – this would be an excellent channel of communication. Through personal stories, examples, and tips, you can make a recommendation for your product, how it helps or improves the quality of life for all users.

Naturally, it requires some extra time, which you don`t have, but it is an excellent solution in the long run. Why not hire a young and talented writer to mold some of your ideas? It is all up to you and your skill to wisely use all the benefits.

Testimonials or Recommend to a Stranger

Always ask satisfied customers to leave a positive rating on your website. There are many variables, from writing about their experience and sending it by e-mail, to adding a comment on an existing form on the site.

Always ask them for the photo with your products, but generally, a photo of a slightly better quality would do the trick. If you've already created social media profiles, they can leave a comment with a five-star check, and you can put every positive review on your website.

Open a Facebook Page

open fb pageFacebook has become a huge machine for advertising, networking, and sales - whole businesses are created and could disappear in a single minute. If we don`t take it to heart and use it when and as much we can, it becomes a very good weapon for attracting new and retention of old customers. To get started, you need a Facebook page that will represent your business. Creating a profile and filling in with content are completely free, like in every other Facebook profile.

Business profile creation is free, but like opening a regular shop downtown, first of you would get a visit from your friends and family, with one or two stranded visitors. So, you need to have an audience that will follow your brand, for the content you post would make a difference and you have someone to address.

In addition to paid Facebook campaigns, you can organize a giveaway, and let people share your page and tag several people in the post as a condition for a reward.

Be a New Instagram (Business) Star

instagram loginInstagram, as a primarily visual social network, has become a real giant with now a billion users a month. It was initially called a vanity fair, which could be applied to almost all social networks - but the difference is in the number of users. You can find them all now - from Millennials to the older generation. If you sell goods primarily purchased by Millenials, then you definitely need an Instagram account. Since the entire network is based on visual content, a good photo of the product and quality presentation of services can bring you great image and lots of followers.

On Instagram, hashtags play a very important role so their strategically managed usage can deliver a lot of visits and followers for free. Always use popular hashtags in your industry (niche) with your posts. This will bring a certain number of followers, but like Facebook, any paid advertising is welcome.

Keep the attention of your followers through unique and compelling posts and images. Do not be restrained, communicate with any well-intended visitor, encourage sharing of content and be proactive. Someone always knows how to appreciate it!

Google my Business and Local Listings

Google my Business and online business listings are very important for all businesses that have a real location, i.e. office or shop. Here you can leave all the relevant information about your business, headquarters, stores, products, and services. Google business profile (using Google Maps) shows where your business is based, what is your contact information, a link to your site and working hours. All business listings mostly contain these data, and it is very important for local businesses to be presented on the most important and most visited ones.

On the Google business profile, you also have the option to create posts where you can present products with high-quality photos, create special offers; announce the beginning of special discounts and more. This way, users see your activities and quickly reach for the information they are looking for.

This is an initial set of activities that every small and medium-sized company can go through without much investment. It's actually a chance everyone can use. In what way and how much effort and persistence, it solely depends on them - the results will speak for themselves.