Harnessing your brand message to write even better content

05. october 2018

First thing first, can we discuss on how do you find your brand message?

brandingBranding, as a process usually means constantly adapting to current trends and market needs, always anticipating and adapting to the next “IT” or “must have” things in business. We must keep in mind that any new or even unintentional bad judgment can negatively affect your branding strategy, its future popularity or even business as a whole.

On the other hand, striving to make your brand original and notable could create such a blowback if not managed correctly. One wrong metaphor or a design solution could be the end of it. A safe solution to all these challenges might be to ask yourself- does your brand reflects all the values that you and your business care about.

Delivering a good brand message usually comes with crafting some good on-brand content. Writing some good on-brand content means that it is both SEO-friendly and looks appealing to your target audience. This is a form of a perfect connection that sets you on the way to driving more conversions, as one of the primary goals of SEO, whether for yourself or your clients.

How to select the right message for the right audience and what’s branding got to do with it?

person pointing finger on drawn light bulbLike previous years were the years of “content is king”, the current 2018 is the year of personal branding. This means that more and more customers are looking for a specific business they can put a face on. So now, you have to build a connection with your audience, encouraging them to trust you so you can build an authority in your niche – together with your customers! It’s not enough to simply keep on hustling (like JP Sears said), driving traffic to your site or share a ton of articles on social media.

Great on-brand copy means much more than just writing good keyword related stuff for Google or even just for your target audience. You simply have to find a perfect balance of both, writing for one great super audience persona, who knows what, when and with whom it is speaking to. Just try to think outside the box – what if instead of reading all the sections on your website, your customer could speak directly to you? And, this - meaning the best version of you! You would know all the info, you would tell how much this business means to you and what was the true idea behind it. Good copywriting has a way of speaking to your audience in a way that attracts and converts them. So, you cannot just simply plug in the keywords and walk away.

Good Content is Always Delivering Your Brand Message

So, besides the good ole’ website design, the content you are sharing has to be of high-quality, accurate and informative. It goes beyond saying that it must provide the answer to all questions your audience may have. Your brand message is an important component of your content strategy. It is an important part of how you write and who you are writing for, including the action you want them to take.

The brand represents a synergy of your products, and its sole purpose is to improve the credibility and reputation of a business or an individual. A brand must contain all specific characteristics that the customer associates with the brand, creating a perfect circle. Trade name, logo or other symbols represent manufacturer as well as distinguishing it from all others on the market.

What is the most important information your brand message must have?

It might revolve around this set of questions:

  • Who is your ideal customer/client?
  • What is it about your service or product that makes it unique?
  • What value do you provide to your customers or clients?

Like all sets of questions, they can break down to even more precise parts, and in this case, we can immediately stop at the concept of an ideal customer persona. How do you create one? And in the process of creating one, you might need answers to these additional questions. How do they look like? What are their needs? What are their hopes and dreams?

It will be much easier to figure out what they want and how to reach out to them if you’ve done your research and got answers to these fundamental questions. This is the information you will incorporate into your website content.

Common Content Mistakes

red buttonMany business owners just skip this part about their customers. They know what they offer, recognize the market demand – but fail to turn the audience into future customers.

Much often, one of the biggest reasons is a website and marketing copy that reads flat. Reading generic jargon and the usual technical stuff doesn’t call you to take action! If it doesn’t really capture your business essence, you are on a losing path.

What’s the solution? Help your customers to get a solid idea of what the site is about and how the services apply to them. Help them to see the connection or the way to make further contact.

Make your product or service look better than the competition. Even for the simplest of things and products, it’s always that one thing that sets them apart. Whatever it is, make it a part of your unique offer.

Get down to what value your business offers. It could mean more quality service or a better product, but why not you sweeten the deal? You could sell more products or services and make a real connection with your audience – isn’t that a good start?