Companies now legally obliged to have an e-mail

12 July 2019

As a business or an entrepreneur operating in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, you are obliged to do business in accordance with the law. When it comes to companies, each of the four categories has the obligation to make all contact data publicly available for smooth functioning and communication.

Thus, the Law stipulates that the company must have an official address for postal shipment reception within the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the Registration Law. And if a company wants to have a special or second address for postal shipments, it has the right by Law.

businesswoman checking emailsDelivery shipments in court, administrative, tax, and other procedures are managed in accordance with special laws.

Also, according to article 21 Companies Law, every newly registered company is required to have an address for electronic mail reception, which is registered in accordance with the law on registration.

The law further orders that the "regularity for delivering of the electronic document to the company is regulated by the law”.

This new article is added in June 2018, where the Law requires that every company must have an address for electronic mail reception. The law applies less than a year and speaking of newly established companies and entrepreneurs. As far as it goes for all existing ones, they would have to submit official address until 1 October 2019.

So, what’s the news?

That means we are one step closer to digitalization in the business area. This way, e-mail is recognized as the official way of communication with the state bodies, and email is becoming one important part of the company identification.

Before we write more about electronic mail as the important identity element for companies, we’d like to add a word or two about all entrepreneurs and business people which have managed to function only with the help from traditional doing business methods.

They functioned perfectly within their own small communities and recognizable business environments. But the same moment they’ve decided to scale their business, find new partners, they were facing the unpleasant situation of being asked for a website or maybe just a regular e-mail address.

Website and is not a problem, someone will “cook” the presentation in a couple of hours - but imagine you’ll have to write mick at on your business card and giving it to your future business partner?

We are all just humans...

hand holding signYes, but how to trust your investment and business when you are not prepared even to invest in your own identity? He (your future business partner cannot hear your ads on the local radio nor to see a street banner which you’ve paid for and put in place. No, he only sees how you communicate and how you present yourself.

How to introduce yourself?

Name and surname for your business should be user name and domain. Also, it's good to know the symbol @, which marks affiliation. Before the website design process, you already have to rent a domain and host it with the provider where you could host your own electronic mail. This procedure gives you full access and freedom to do whatever you like with your email address, which is now your property and ID.

You can organize mail addresses according to business sectors, as for sale, PR or marketing. In that case, you do not want them to be person @ my company, but the sectors names plus the domain name. This is more convenient for slightly larger companies, where people change often, so even a person is leaving the company, everything goes as it used to be. For entrepreneurs or smaller businesses, it's perfectly right for a person's name to be a user's email name. So you can always recall who the commercialist you were contacting with is, or maybe - who is in charge of your last marketing campaign? Try it, it's not that difficult - and even though it is now binding by law, look at it as one more step to a better business organization!