3 Tips on How to Improve Your Google Search Rankings

28 February 2019

Businesses must maintain and regularly update their online presence

Marketing leaders need to pay close attention to the quality of their organization’s local listings. A great percent of all internet searches take place through Google – so, if we already know this, it’s crucial for your business to have a strong presence on the platform. In fact, Google search rankings have become the pivot of any online business success. Considering the first page of Google search takes almost all percent of web traffic, you shouldn’t even bother staying on like page 3 of Google Search.

Getting good rankings is not an easy job. The exponential increase of searches, the rise of voice search, mobile searches, competition...you name it. When trying to get local attention, your marketing crew has also to pay closer attention to the organization's local listings in order to keep their appearances and put the business in front of the competition

How do you leverage Google rankings? Usually, by keeping your webpage tight, informative and up to date, constantly reviewing all third-party review sites and social media channels.

We can help you by looking through a couple of strategies that could help you stimulate your online engagement and boost your rankings and help you grow your business.


woman typing on laptop keyboardIf you want to boost your Google rankings and get on the first page of Google search, businesses (of all kinds) must regularly update all relevant info on Google. So, after you create a website or a landing page to authenticate your brand and location, be sure to keep tight all incoming changes, new info or good reviews and testimonials.

Additionally, you’ll have to claim your business listing profile and ensure accuracy across all third-party sites where consumers can find your information. Not an easy task for digital marketing beginners, but we assure you that it is crucial.

Since Google uses local listings and third-party sites to authenticate businesses, make sure the company name, address, and phone number remain updated and accurate across a variety of networks. If Google finds your information to be the same across all of these sites, it will signal that your business is legit and up to date, and the better your company’s site will rank in search results.

Keep Your Social Media Appearances

social media blocksSo far, we have been more than aware that Google looks everywhere for review content. It is relevant for good user experience and gathered from more than one blog or social network postings, emails, and all sorts of articles. Google is not limited to just Google reviews or general review sites for this content. They will look at blogs, magazine or newspaper articles for review content.

We can make a basic test – Google your business and review your listing. The first thing you'll see is that customer ratings and reviews are at the center of a company’s GMB page. Search engines understand that reviews play an important part in the consumer’s decision process. It is important to note, a poor rating or negative review on Google listing is enough to send a potential customer back to the search bar for better results. This might be a reason for Google to actually encourage businesses to respond to reviews to improve their local SEO.

In other words, this information becomes not just trusted and scored but is used to broadly expand Google's understanding of the local business.

You can see this demonstrated in the local search for “baptism accessories”. This is not a category in Google’s list and yet the phrase has pretty decent search results. This shows Google’s awareness of that phrase’s relevance to the local businesses. Any specific locations shown are more relevant to that phrase and are thus displayed.

Since Google My Business displays ratings and reviews on company profiles, businesses need to pay more attention onto their online profile, online reputation, and response rates if they want to get on top of Google search results.

Grow your reputation management

And yes, we already know that consumers before eating or buying anything on or offline - rely on online ratings and reviews. And what they are chasing is relevance and accountability.

So the top priority is still Google, but, a clear and rock-solid online reputation of you Brand requires a multi-tiered approach. This is the turning point, whether you decide to invest in technology that analyzes customer sentiments throughout different channels or you decide to hire a digital marketing agency. Engaging in proper reputation management procedures helps you grow your brand, increase new customer volumes and build better customer experiences in competitive businesses. Once you get those things sorted, you will definitely cast a new light on your Brand and your whole business approach.